10 interesting hurricane hacks to get you through the storm

CONWAY, S.C. (SBG) -- As Hurricane Dorian gets set to hit parts of Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina, check out some of these hacks we found across the internet that might help get you through the storm much easier in no particular order.

10. It's really easy to run out of batteries whether its AAA or AA. If you happen to have AAA batteries lying around but you need one size bigger, Lifehacker has a trick you'll never forget. It's very simple - wrap a ball of aluminum foil around a set of AAA batteries. Afterward, place the battery alongside the ball of tin foil into the device you're using. The device should turn on and work perfectly.

9. Tactical Intelligence has keen advice for flushing the toilet in case you don't have running water. The website advises anyone dealing with this issue to fill up the back tank of your toilet until water reaches the float. Another option, should you have a big enough bucket, is to quickly pour 2 gallons of water inside your toilet's bowl after flushing which should trigger the spinning action which gets your toilet to flush.

8. If you need a place to keep your drinks cool, USA Today suggests dumping a bunch of ice into a washing machine. The drinks will reportedly stay cool for days and ice melts as days go by.

7. ABC 7 suggests storing water inside your bathtub in case you lose power. You can use the water that is stored in the bathtub in your toilet or take a shower.

6. Want to know if your power has been out for too long? Use the penny trick, as suggested by the Sun Sentinel. Freeze a cup of water and place a penny on top of the ice. Leave the cup of water sitting still. If the penny sinks down to the bottom of the cup, your power has been out for a long time.

5. BuzzFeed kept it short and simple - hide an emergency supply of chocolate. Because who doesn't like chocolate?

4. Turn off your Facebook app after being marked safe. WCIV reports the app might take up battery usage on your phone so make sure you turn off location settings, background app refresh as well as push notifications.

3. In order to prevent your garage door from getting destroyed by wind, park your car against the garage door. (via USA Today's YouTube page)

2. Ziploc ice cubs and place them in your freezer. It keeps your freezer colder for a longer time and also provides you with extra water. (via the Holderness Family Vlog)

1. At all costs, stay safe. Don't take any unnecessary risks that could cost your life.