WATCH: FOX45 Speaks to Montana Reporter, Baltimore Native Who Went Viral

Montana Reporter, Baltimore Native Going Viral After Close Call With Bison

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Bison aren't a familiar site in Baltimore! So, it's no surprise that a Baltimore native who found himself face to face with a herd of bison...would exit, stage left!

FOX45 has an exclusive interview with the Baltimore native and Montana reporter, Deion Broxton, whose viral video reached almost 10 million views on social media.

He says, "I'm used to rats in Baltimore, now I got the bison in Montana."

Check out Deion Broxton from our sister station in Montana KTVM! "Oh noooo...I ain't messing with you!"

In less than 24 hours the tweet had gotten more than 7.9 Million views.

It even got the attention of Deion Sanders!

Broxton told his alma mater Towson University, "Nothing could prepare a guy who grew up in Baltimore to deal with the wildlife in Montana. I’m used to rats, not bison.”