What to do if your pet runs off after fireworks

What to do if your pet runs off after fireworks. (KTUL)

Independence Day means a lot to Americans, but to those working in the world of animals, it means a busy couple of weeks ahead.

"It's the biggest day of the year that animals go missing. There's a lot of dogs that are afraid of loud noises. Fireworks, gunshots, that sort of thing terrifies them," said Ashley Villines, executive director of the Humane Society of Tulsa.

Villines says when your pets do start to run, they often don't want to stop.

"They can go for miles, especially when they are scared and running. It's amazing how much ground they can cover so quickly," she said.

That doesn't mean your dog is gone for good.

There's actually a lot you can do, but often times it takes a village.

"We always recommend you make fliers and pass them around your neighborhood. I recently saw a thing that said if you do a billboard in your front yard that has your phone number and a picture of your pet. Sometimes people will find a pet and drive around the neighborhood looking for someone and knocking on doors," said Villines.

You can also take the digital route by posting in the lost animal section of the NextDoor app and lost and found pages on Facebook.

You can also call the Humane Society, local vets, and Tulsa Animal Welfare.

Do all that to throw as wide a net as possible, and don't give up hope.

"The animals that we have been able to tell were owned, I would say at least two in three have the owners contacting us in the next day and said hey, do you have our dog?" said Villines. "They just weren't micro-chipped, and so we say yes, they are here."

Villines also says leaving a piece of your clothing in the yard can help your pet find their way home.