What challenges will Governor-elect Stitt face?

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What challenges will Governor-elect Stitt face?

Kevin Stitt will be the 28th Governor of Oklahoma and the challenges that come with his new office are many.

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Here's a look at some of the political, educational, and economic hurdles that are waiting for him at the Capitol.

One of his campaign catchwords was 'outsider,' and now that he's been elected, will being a political newbie in the state's highest office be a help or hindrance?

"Both, being new and a newcomer it is going to be used as a disadvantage on him by those that oppose him on things. Those that want the freshness of the new face are going to be, I think, enthusiastic and excited about it," said Republican, Jerry Buchanan. He has his ornate invite to the inauguration and his in-depth insights into the political challenges Governor Stitt is about to encounter.

"The Democrats are going to challenge him on Medicaid expansion, which they are for the Republicans are against it," he said.

"First day in office he should expand medicaid," said Democrat, and Former State Representative, Eric Proctor, sharing his insights on how Stitt will go over with members of his party.

"If Governor Stitt wants to go back and fix the mistakes that Governor Fallin created, if he wants to set aside that ideology that he shares with her and do the right thing, democrats will work with him to restore our state," he said.

A state which saw teachers converge in droves on the Capitol to protest education funding and teacher pay.

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"Where is Governor Stitt going to get his information?," asked OU professor Dr. Keith Ballard, wondering whom the governor will tune in, and so far, he's encouraged by what he's seen.

"He's already shown politically that he will be more receptive to listening to the voice of the teachers, to the voice of the people who are doing the work. To the voice of those who are in the schools today," he said.

Money for schools takes us to one of the main challenges of the state's economy; being closely tied to the price of oil.

"That is what I believe that the governor needs to be very, very aware of that the prices are very volatile, and at this point in time, they're not good at all.

Currently hovering around $45 a barrel, former Tulsa mayor and longtime oilman Dewey Bartlett, weighing on how long it can stay that low before trouble brews.

"It's been there now for two or three months and if it's this way for another three to six months I'd say we're in for another slight recession where things, people might get laid off, they certainly don't get, not a lot of hiring," he said.

High pressure and high hopes, both awaiting the new governor of Oklahoma.

"I believe that Oklahomans are going to give Kevin Stitt an opportunity to bring these new ideas to Oklahoma, and I believe that they're going to be patient, but they're going to want to see results, and should see results," said Buchanan.