Tulsan planning to open medicinal marijuana dispensary

The vote on SQ788 takes place on June 26th. (Wilson/KTUL)

Just based on the decor of his office, you know you're in the right place with Atty. Jay Ramey if you've got a question about marijuana.

"57 percent is huge in Oklahoma," he said.

That is the amount by which SQ788 is predicted to pass.

"The last poll I saw it was done by Sooner poll, it was around 57 percent said that they were going to vote yes for this particular law," he said.

And if that happens

"After it passes, I'm going to be opening a dispensary," said entrepreneur Darryl Knox, owner of Sweet Lisa's restaurant at Pine and Peoria, and already laying the groundwork for another venture.

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"I've already got the forms that are needed and what we need to do to put a dispensary here in our community," he said.

Business could also see an uptick for attorney Ramey.

"We're going to have a lot of DUI marijuana cases," he said.

"If you have any amount of THC or THC metabolite in your system, you are DUI drugs, or DUI marijuana," he said.

Back at Sweet Lisa's...

"I've done a 180 on this," said Knox.

The soon dispensary owner explains what changed his mind about marijuana.

"I was totally against it, but I took the time to educate myself and to do the research, and I see all the benefits," he said.