TPD: 3 arrested after police connect them to 2 stolen vehicles

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Tulsa police have arrested three suspects in connection with the theft of vehicles. (Tulsa County Jail){ }

Tulsa police have arrested three suspects in connection with the theft of vehicles.

Officers were patrolling Friday near motels at East 27th Street and South Memorial Drive when they pulled over a Ford F350 pickup that had a paper tag.

Police say they became suspicious of the driver, Robert Gary because of his claims of ownership of the vehicle.

So officers checked the VIN number and found the truck was registered to a local dealership.

They contacted the dealership who acknowledged that the VIN number was a Ford F350 they owned. They told the officer that their truck was parked on their lot.

Auto theft detectives came to where officers had pulled Gary over and examined the truck.

They then learned that Gary had allegedly changed the VIN plates and that the truck had been stolen from a dealership in Durant, Oklahoma.

Gray was arrested on complaints of possession of stolen vehicle AFCF and alteration of a VIN number AFCF.

But while officers were conducting the traffic stop, a woman named Whitney Brown approached them claiming to be an associate of Gray's.

Officers talked to her but were unable to connect her to the stolen truck at the time.

After booking Gray into the Tulsa County Jail, the officer returned to the area and found another stolen car parked at the motel.

That car had been stolen on Aug. 3 in Tulsa. When the victim reported his car stolen, he told officers that he met a woman he thought looked hungry. He took her to his apartment to make her dinner. He went to the bathroom and came out to find the woman gone, along with with his car, and his wallet.

After finding the stolen parked car officers established surveillance on it.

That led to them seeing Jasmine Thompson who they say left in the car.

Officers then pulled her over and while Thompson was talking to officers, Whitney Brown walked up to this traffic stop.

Thompson pointed her out and told officers that Brown was the person who sold her the stolen car.

Thompson said she paid $500 for the 2011 Chevrolet Malibu.

While officers were searching the Malibu, before returning it to the owner, officers found $2000, marijuana, methamphetamine and all the things you need to weigh and package drugs for sales.

Thompson admitted that she was in the drug business and made the money selling 10 grams of methamphetamine and some marijuana.

After she was arrested, officers searched Thompson and found almost an ounce of methamphetamine in her underwear.

Brown was also arrested on complaints of possession of stolen vehicle AFCF, trafficking CDS AFCF, and possessing drug proceeds AFCF.

Police say Brown was staying in a room at the motel near East 27th Street and South Memorial Drive.

She agreed to a search of the room.

Officers found ID and pill bottles in her name, Unfortunately, Whitney had used her sister's name in the encounters with officers.

Brown was wanted on a felony warrant.

When the owner of the Malibu came to pick up his car he saw Whitney sitting on the curb.

He told officers she was the hungry girl who had stolen his car and wallet. He told officers she would have a flower tattoo on her back and she did.

Brown was arrested on complaints of larceny of a motor vehicle, larceny from a house, false personation, and a felony warrant.