Tornado survivor recounts being trapped: 'It still gives me nightmares'

Celia Daniels is happy to be alive one year after a surprise tornado. (KTUL)

On the first anniversary of the Tulsa tornado, Celia Daniels is thankful to be alive.

"Doctors said I was lucky, that I shouldn't be alive," said Daniels.

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With 30-something severe wounds and more than 100 stitches, she's spent the last year back and forth to doctor's appointments.

It was one year ago when a casual family dinner turned into one of the scariest moments of her life. The August tornado touched down in midtown while she was at TGIFridays off of 41st Street. She was having dinner with her son and some friends when the storm turned fierce.

With no warning, she went flying across the restaurant holding her son. He walked away with minor injuries.

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"Doctors say it was my body that saved him," said Daniels. "I have nightmares about this all the time. It brings back anxiety."

She was trapped inside the restaurant for about 30 minutes until paramedics arrived.

"There was debris everywhere, "said Daniels. "It actually took them a while to get to us at the restaurant. I broke my neck and had to wear a neck brace for over three months. I couldn't even move."

A year later, she's back at this boarded up restaurant hoping something is done about it.

"They still have a lot of clean up to do," said Daniels. "It brings up such bad memories, the people who went through the tornado want to see it gone."

Overall, she's feeling grateful she still has her life.

Daniels hasn't been able to work since she was injured in the tornado. She has set up a GoFundMe account asking for help.