Thousands of dollars worth of stolen band equipment recovered, suspect in jail

The band performing. (KTUL)

Thousands of dollars worth of stolen band equipment has been recovered and the suspect is behind bars.

The band has been calling themselves the “Usual Suspects” since 2004.

But this week, they weren’t the suspects they were the victims.

The real suspect, is allegedly Mike Climer.

“It was very strange to go in and get our stuff and claim that back and it wasn’t damaged luckily, it smelled awful,” band member Jimmy Cleveland said.

When the bands trailer was stolen with all of their equipment inside Cleveland and band mate Russell Walz turned to police, Tulsa's Channel 8 and social media to get the investigation in motion.

“Even police said there was only a ten percent, five percent chance you’d see your stuff, so it was a lot of luck and we had a lot of people who had our backs,” Walz said.

The odds were in their favor.

“Thousands of shares, musicians looking to lend us equipment until we could replace ours,” Walz said.

Officers arrested Climer Friday afternoon. He faces both theft charges and drug charges.

The arrest came just in time for the “Usual Suspects” next gig.

“Oh complete relief,” Cleveland said. “We were sweating it until last night, we would have been able to pull it off but it would have been difficult.”

Saturday night, they sang their hearts out.

“It just gives you a new fire,” Walz said.

The band is still missing their white trailer and a few other items, but they are grateful for what they’ve been able to recover.

Their next gig is April 27 at Los Cabos in Broken Arrow.