Teachers focus on second part of the teacher walkout, education funding

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Teachers focus on second part of the teacher walkout, education funding (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Teachers and students may be back to their normal schedules next week, but many say this walkout was the start of something big.

Teachers will be taking a break from rallying along the streets and at the Capitol to head back to class.

"We didn't want to believe it, but the truth was the leadership was preventing us from moving forward," teacher Kristen Robinson said.

She says it has always been about the students.

Now that the first part of the walkout is over, Robinson says teachers are looking further down the road.

"We needed to pivot our attention on to the bigger issues which are June and November," she said.

Robinson and others are now making it their mission to get candidates who will help them get elected.

"Our biggest goal is to advocate for candidates that are going to represent their constituents well, as well as speak for education and the kids who don't have a voice," librarian Katie Steele said.

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She says nothing will be silencing their efforts.

"Our voice is loud and it isn't getting any quieter," Steele said.

But Robinson says teachers need your help.

"This is the time for everybody else to step up and fill in for us as we move back into the classroom," she said.

They are turning to the community, asking supporters to return to the Capitol and petition for more education money.

"If we don't win this battle, we will still win the war," Robinson said.