Talihina community reeling from aftermath of devastating fire, deadly shootout

Talihina community reeling from aftermath of devastating fire, deadly shootout (KTUL)

One is dead after a deadly shootout with law enforcement in Talihina Friday.

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Capt. Paul Timmons, OHP was trying to serve a warrant. Timmons said they were trying to arrest a man who was a felon with “numerous” automatic weapons.

The suspect had surveillance cameras and booby trapped the building. Timmons said when the officers went in, they were immediately shot at and the building started to catch fire.

“The green door, behind that vehicle. We are directly across the street,” said Anita Duncan.

When Duncan and her husband, Joseph, heard Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officers yell "take cover" Friday morning, she knew life would change in her small town.

“It shook the building when he heard it,” said Duncan.

The suspect died and five other troopers were injured. One of the injured troopers was shot in his chest, but he had a vest on.

All are expected to be okay.

“We started to see smoke starting to come out and up and then from there the fire got bigger and bigger and there were a few explosions and windows blowing,” said Duncan.

“Thought I’d come down here and check it out. Sounded like the whole town was on fire the way they were talking. It wouldn’t take much fire to burn the whole town down- just two blocks you know,” said Edwin Thompson, who grew up in Talihina.

Timmons said they aren’t planning on releasing the name of the suspect until early next week.

ATF will be assisting OHP in the investigation. He said the scene will be closed for the next few days.

One of the buildings that was damaged was an old-fashioned ice cream shop.

“I just came up on it. My grandkids go to it, just there yesterday. (Pauses) I just want to cry,” said Julie Beck, who stopped by to see the damage.

As for Duncan, she said Talihina is a typical American small town, they know how to work hard and rebuild.

“Some of the things that are down here are landmarks down here and that was one of them,” said Duncan.