STEM Teach of the Month: Jan Marvin

STEM Teacher of the Month Jan Marvin with some of her students. (KOKH).JPG
STEM Teacher of the Month Jan Marvin, right, with some of her students. (KOKH){ }

Students in Mrs. Jan Marvin's classes almost always have their hands on something.

Jan Marvin is in her 21st year at Yukon Middle School, before that she took 11 years off to be a mom. And just like some moms, she's known to be a bit tough.

"She can be the strictest teacher ever," said 8th grader Kalina Robb. "she can be the nicest teacher ever."

"I'd like for them to think I'm the meanest teacher they have," Marvin said with a laugh.

Being firm, but caring, is something you can say comes naturally to Mrs. Marvin, sometimes those skills of being a parent at home, come out in the classroom.

"I care what happens to my students because they're my kids," Marvin said, "I call them my kids... and I tell them that when they walk through that door that they're mine until forever."

Mrs Marvin takes a special interest in her Technology Student Association (TSA) kids. They've even won some awards, of which they're very proud.

One of their latest projects: racing CO-2 cars.

"She pushes us to do our best and she's a lot of fun. And she does a lot of things she doesn't have to do which is what makes her the best teacher." said student Samuel Byrd.

"I want them to be there best and if it takes me being mean and strict then that's what I'll be. I want them to find their best." says STEM Teacher of the Month Jan Marvin.

Jan Marvin will be on Living Oklahoma Thursday morning at 9 a.m.