Smartphone app makes hunting simpler in Oklahoma


Turkey season officially opens on Saturday and if you never signed up for a license it may not be too late thanks to a new app.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says everything you need to go on a hunt, besides your weapon, is now in the “Go Outdoors” app.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get out in the field, and we think this system does that," Micah Holmes, a spokesperson for the department said.

The app allows you to purchase a license, check out wildlife management areas, learn about animals to hunt, and much more.

"It's been a big hit.” Holmes said, “What we've done is bring our licensing system up to the twenty first century and it's really nice."

While hunters are out in the field, licenses can now be seen on a cellphone.

"We all have our phones with us. We may not have a wallet but we all have our phones. And if you have your phone, you have your license."

If you get your turkey, a harvest report can be made through a mobile e-check.

The system is working so well, the Department of Wildlife Conservation says more Oklahomans are applying for licenses than before.

"One of the reasons we think that is, is because it's so much easier to get a license now.” Holmes explained, “Previously you had to come into one of our offices, get out some paper, sign that piece of paper, get a lot of copies, and now you can do that all online."

There’s also no longer a need to wait for licenses to come in the mail. Meaning you can get licensed before turkey season ends.

According to Holmes, "We expect it to be a very good season, turkey numbers are very stable across the state, so it's a great time to get outside, whether you are hunting or fishing.”