Signature scramble: Fallout among marijuana activists over inflated signature counts

Do they have the numbers? Green the Vote said they had obtained over 132,000 signatures for their recreational marijuana constitutional amendment initiative, but now insiders tell Tulsa's Channel 8 they are actually far short of their goal.

Will the petition drives to get constitutional amendments for medicinal and recreational marijuana on the ballot go up in smoke?

At the end of July, Green the Vote announced they had reached the number of signatures they needed, and even surpassed it, but insiders tell Tulsa's Channel 8 that, in reality, they are far short and that they've been giving out false information about how many signatures they actually obtained.

"I was getting sick," said Dody Sullivan, former administrator for Green the Vote, going public with something that's caused her great unrest. "Being the administrator, when the petitions would come into the office, it was my job to count them."

And the count in the beginning, as relayed in a Facebook post by Green the Vote's Isaac Caviness, was underwhelming.

"When we came out with the first numbers, they were low," Caviness said.

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It's here where this story hits a fork in the road. According to Caviness, he and Sullivan jointly decided to inflate the numbers.

"Both of us had a crisis of conscience over it, but we both felt like it was what needed to be done to try to make sure that we did not lose momentum," he said.

But according to Sullivan, the idea was all Caviness'.

"I was never asked what the count was. I was told what the count was going to be," she said.

"We felt like we were estimating very close," said Caviness.

"I'm not kidding you. I knew every single day at the end of the day what was in that office," said Sullivan.

So what was in the office when Green the Vote announced they reached more than 132,000 signatures?

"On July 31 for SQ 797, 31,244 is what I believe is in my head for that," said Sullivan.

That's more than 100,000 fewer signatures than they claimed.

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"It was not my intention to hurt the movement. it was not my intention to mislead anyone. It was my intention to inspire," said Caviness.

As of right now, the actual number is closer to 78,000, leaving feelings of betrayal and finger pointing.

"She blamed it on her conscience, said her conscience wouldn't let her go forward anymore, and she stepped away and left me with the mess," said Caviness.

"I will not be made to be the bad guy in this. I will not be the scapegoat when I have done everything I can other than coming out sooner," said Sullivan.

The petitions can be found online here.