Red River Showdown is a tradition for many fans

Friends, Dr. Bob Miles. left, and Oklahoma City attorney Joe Homsey, right, have been going to the OU/Texas game for years (KOKH)

For many Sooner fans, the pilgrimage down to Dallas for OU/Texas weekend is something they never miss.

It's a tradition for families, who've built up decades of memories from these games.

Oklahoma City attorney Joe Homsey would know. He's seen it all, year after year at the Red River Showdown.

"In the last 55 years, I've been to 46 of them." Homsey said, "I've been when we won. When we lost. I've been to 3 ties. Those aren't good."

One of his favorites is the 63-14 blowout back in 2000. But if you think Homsey's record of attendance is impressive, wait until you meet his buddy Dr. Bob Miles.

This year will mark his 70th year at the big matchup. His first Red River Showdown was back in 1949.

"I was 4 years old. My mother carried me through the turnstile at that time." Miles said.

His first memory of it though was the 1956 game, when OU went on to win a national title. Over the years, both Miles and Homsey have collected lots of memorabilia

But they're most proud of the memories they've collected moments spent with family and friends cheering on their Sooners.

"I've put off surgeries before." Miles said, "I'm actually putting off surgery this time, to make sure I can make it to the game."

"I think people who never have actually attended don't realize the spectacle that the OU/Texas game is." said Homsey.

A spectacle these two friends wouldn't miss for the world.

Dr. Miles prediction for the 70th game he will be at-- OU winning 38-17.