Police identify victim hit, killed on New Sapulpa Road

Police are investigating after a driver hit and killed a person on New Sapulpa Road in Sapulpa, Okla. on Oct. 8, 2019. (KTUL photo)

Sapulpa police say a person is dead following a crash on New Sapulpa Road Tuesday morning.

Highway 66/New Sapulpa Road was shut down for more than two hours while police investigated the deadly crash.

Captain Glenn Coffey says when police got to the scene, the victim, 53-year-old Timothy Bridgman, was dead.

Coffey says officers believe the man was walking to work when he was hit.

The driver told the police that by the time she saw Bridgman, it was too late.

"The lighting is not ideal; all you have is your headlights, and there is a small curve in that area and that plays a part on how your headlights are aiming on the roadway," Coffey said.

Officers are not citing the driver for this unfortunate incident.

"If nothing shows that they are at fault or the cause of this collision then there isn't a reason to give a citation," he said.

Coffey says they do an extensive investigation to determine whether the driver was at fault, including special computerized data downloaded straight from the driver's car.

"We will take photographs of the scene. We can also determine the speed of the vehicle, where the debris is from the collision," Coffey said.

Many folks say the road is dangerous because it doesn't have lights and gets very dark.

Officers want to remind anyone driving or walking to be extremely cautious at all hours of the day.