OU'S New President Running with the Ruf/Neks

OU President{ }Jim Gallogly took a hat from a Ruf/Nek and became an honorary member of the group (KOKH)

Sooner history forever changed on July first of this year.

That's the day the 14th president officially took office.

Jim Gallogly, an OU graduate and long-time Sooner fan hit the ground running literally.

For Jim Gallogly the first 90 days in office have been filled with all kinds of fun and it started the moment he was announced as the school's 14th president.

While on stage with cheerleaders and the marching band and standing next to a Ruf Nek, he grabbed a hat and changed history.

"I just stole his hat, put it on my head, and as of that moment - i was honorary." Gallogly said, "they said are you going to run with us. I said of course. They didn't believe me, now they do."

That's right the man known as "Prez" ran with the Ruf Neks.

First running behind the Sooner Schooner then doing the fa-dahdah.

"After the team is off on the side line, we sprint and slide into the end zone and take our paddle and do a chant. " said Gallogly, "it's a secret chant... I can't tell you what it is."

And how'd it go?

"I've never been so out of breath in my life." laughed Gallogly.

Prez is proud of moments like this. And proud to welcome new students to campus.

While teaching a group of football recruits about Sooner traditions he and some of the coaches loaded themselves up with water balloons for a surprise attack.

He says the recruits tackled Lincoln Riley and dumped 55-gallons of ice water on him, then they set their sights on Gallogly.

"Then they tackled me and did the same thing, I think it took me three days to dry out."

It's not all fun and games for this "man of the people." Gallogly says the university was trying to find a way to honor the military when OU was playing Army, they placed tanks and equipment around campus, and held parades.

Then someone suggested it'd be a great show of support if Prez would jump out of an airplane with the Special Ops Black Daggers.

Jim was all in.

"that was just a weak moment." he said, "But next thing you know, that's what i'm doing."

He says it was one of his greatest experiences ... But he forgot one important detail.

"There's one thing I should tell you though. Always tell your wife about these things before they read about them in the press. I kinda forgot to tell her....she thought I'd lost my mind."

Although in office just 3 months Gallogly knows all about the OU/Texas rivalry and what it means to both schools.

He says he was a rabid OU fan when he was a private citizen, but now that he's the university president he feels some pressure.

"Now I feel a little more responsibility...for 2 things - one we have the student athletes and I always feel part of my job is make sure they get a great education. And second, as Sooners we like to win. And they fell that pressure as team mates"

As far as wagers with the Texas president for the Red River Showdown Gallogly says he's not aware of anything - yet.

But that could change.