O.U. student says she faced deportation for outstanding tuition

An OU banner on the Norman campus. (File)

The deadline to pay tuition at the University of Oklahoma is nearing, and one student is speaking out saying, she faced being deported if she couldnt pay up.

The university said an anonymous donor stepped up to make sure the student gets the education she needs.

Just over 450 students have balances that won't allow them to enroll. Fifteen of those are international students which means they're not eligible to get financial aid in the United States.

"The only thing we were asking for, was time,” According to a student, who said she was facing being deported. “Time to be able to like, find a co-signer. to apply for loans in our country, which usually takes more than a week or two weeks."

The university told Fox 25, of the fifteen international students who are facing deportation, two are on academic probation and couldn’t enroll anyway, two have found resources to enroll, four have applied for graduation, five left the university for unknown reasons, and one is taking a year off.

The last student, who asked to be anonymous, spoke with Fox 25 about her frustrations.

"This has happened to Americans, yea, they can stay here, they can take a semester off, we understand it's bad for everyone. But for us, every single day counts."

O.U. agrees, saying "It's devastating for any students," but they have a responsibility to collect on admission and fees. They also said this student was taken care of by an anonymous donor.

"We had an individual outside the institution call and express an interest in supporting her," According to Laura Brookey, the Vice President of Public Affairs at the University of Oklahoma.

"We were able to register her and we know of no other student, who has demonstrated any need or interest in enrolling at O.U. in the spring, who was an international student."