Classes canceled after Ottawa County school district loses 10 buses to fire

The district may have to call an emergency bond to ask for funds. (Courtesy of Rebecca Bigheart on Facebook)

A small school district in Ottawa County has canceled classes the rest of the week after an overnight fire destroyed "most" of their buses.

“It puts us in harms way; it’s devastating," said Superintendent Troy Gray.

A passerby spotted the fire and called 911.

Which will cost the district close to a million to replace.

“This is something today in our budget crunch in this day can put you in harms way," said Gray.

Several fire departments helped put out the flames last night.

Chief Jody Francisco says the investigation is still underway.

“I think they’re leaning more towards electrical, something along those lines, accidental not anything like arson," said Wyandotte Fire Chief Jody Francisco.

Wyandotte Middle School posted on Facebook around 2 a.m. Thursday that a fire destroyed their bus barn and 10 of their buses. Classes have been canceled Thursday and Friday due to the situation.

Students will also be out school Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The district says students will return to school Tuesday.

The district has 795 total students, and officials say 450 of them normally ride the bus.

“I just have no words for it it’s just terrible, can’t think of what to say about it," said student Evan Brown.

Miami Public Schools and Seneca Public Schools are loaning the district buses to help them out.

“Wyandotte will bounce back, we’re a tight community, we’re strong and we’ll figure it out," said mother Heather Brown.

The State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of the fire.

The district may have to call an emergency bond to ask for funds.