Oklahoma voters can update information online soon

Voting booths (File KOKH).JPG
Voting booths (File KOKH).JPG

The State Election Board says the way you register to vote is changing.

Starting Monday, voters will be able to change certain details about their registry, from the comfort of their home. This is all part of a two-year plan to add the option of registering to vote online.

You won't be able to completely register, but Bryan Dean with the Oklahoma State Election Board said voters who are already registered, will be able to change things like their address, or party affiliation.

"It's a good first step. That accounts for quite a lot of our voter registrations that we get, so this will save people time if they haven’t updated their address in some time, instead of having to fill out a new paper form, they'll be able to go on our website and do that online."

Lawmakers said back in 2015, the Election Board could start the online program on one condition. It had to be linked up with the Department of Public Safety's driver’s license data base to make sure the system is safe and secure.

Dean said, "The Department of Public Safety is going through a modernization of their computer systems, and until that goes in, we won't be able to get full online voter registration up and running."

Dean said safety was a main priority during the planning process. "Security was one of the biggest things we had to test and be sure of before we released it. So, we are comfortable and that's why we are putting it out. We wouldn’t have done so if we had not gotten the ‘okay’ from our state cyber security folks."

37 other states in the U.S. either already offer online registration, or are in the process of adding it. Some states even offer automatic registration when citizens apply for a driver’s license.

Address changes must be within the same county. Changes outside of county lines will call for a new registration, for now.

Find the new system by clicking this link.