Oklahoma Aquarium announces Cody Bruton of Edmond as shark dive contest winner

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Oklahoma Aquarium announces Cody Bruton of Edmond as shark dive contest winner. (KTUL)

Last year this contest turned out to be a feeding frenzy between all these people trying to enter from across the country.

An Oklahoman wound up winning last year, and once again this year, the Sooner state takes it home.

More than 800 entries from 30 states, but only one winner.

Cody Bruton of Edmond, Oklahoma is that winner.

Bruton's name was drawn by Jodi Cooper, the winner of last year's contest to dive with the bull sharks.

"Non employees just don't go in the tank for obvious reasons. It certainly is a unique experience. Just the opportunity to get in there is only once a year," said Cooper.

Bull sharks are known as some of the most aggressive animals in the ocean, and a collection in captivity is extremely rare.

Oklahoma is home to the only exhibit in the Western Hemisphere, and the largest collection in the world, but they aren't the stuff of nightmares, these sharks are just animals.

"The fish were fine, I knew they would be fine. They didn't have much interest in me, but I had a lot more interest in them," said Cooper.

With her own dive under her belt, the Oklahoma Aquarium thought it best that she not only draw the name, but also make the call.

"Welcome to the club, you are the winner of the 2019 Dive with the Bull Sharks contest!" Cooper told Bruton over the phone.

Bruton was a little excited, and he's definitely the right person for the job.

He seems to like fish.

"I'm actually at Sea World right now in San Antonio," Bruton told her.

On July 26, Bruton will be given an all expenses paid trip to Tulsa for his dive.

Cooper calls it the experience of a lifetime.

Cooper says there's a little souvenir she got from this that she wasn't expecting.

Littered across the bottom of the tank are extra shark teeth that have fallen out, that's something sharks do is cycle through teeth.

She was able to bring those teeth home with her, something Cody will be able to do as well.