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Oklahoma Air National Guard flyover honors health care workers

Staff from St. Francis head to the parking lot for a quick, but meaningful gesture from the Oklahoma Air National Guard{ }

It was only for a few seconds but it left a lasting impression on the crowd outside of St. Francis Hospital.

"I thought it was awesome, I thought it was pretty awesome," said nurse tech Destynee Blair.

"I've actually seen this at OU games, usually on Memorial Day weekend," said Clinical Manager, Natalie Pazzo-Jones. "They're pretty amazing, we're real excited."

You didn't have to go to a football game to see this.

F-16's of the Oklahoma Air National Guard's 138th Fighter Wing flew over St. Francis in tribute.

It was a way to salute health care workers for batting COVID-19 on the front lines.

"It's so special and it makes me a little emotional," said Pazzo-Jones. "It's been such a hard time and to be honored by them is amazing."

It was a moment doctors and nurses didn't want to miss, as some captured it on camera, others were just taking it in.

"Definitely worth the watch," said Dr. Roger Gallup. "I think I'll just really enjoy it going and not try to metal with pictures so I really enjoy the moment."

The staff at St. Francis were saluting right back by holding an American flag as the jets soared by.

While the pilots might not have seen it, some nurses spent some time drawing up messages for the pilots in chalk that read 'America Strong.'

"It's all of us in this together," said Blair. "We're all pitching in trying to figure it out."

Just as the jets appeared suddenly from the north, they vanished again into the clear blue sky.

It was a quick but meaningful gesture for those working every day to protect and heal us from the virus.

"It's a reflection of what we have here," said Gallup. "All the dedication, training, and teamwork that goes over in a flyover is the same thing we have here in our hospitals, as we take care of people in the community."

It gave us a reason to look up and look forward.