Muskogee County church vandalized with hateful graffiti

Muskogee Co. church vandalized with hateful graffiti. (Photo Courtesy: Brittany Jenkins Burnett.)

MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Okla. (KTUL) -- “It just hurt, really," said pastor Darren Wright.

Orange spray paint covered the front walls of Buckhorn Baptist church with words that read: "Satan is Lord" or had "God" with a circle and slash through it.

The images have outraged many people in the area.

“I think there's a point you can only tolerate so much. Once you get to that point, then there has to be something done about it," Wright said.

Wright has been at this church for two years.

Not once has he dealt with this kind of attack, but he said things like this are becoming more common across the country.

"The intolerance that we face today, and just with each other, we just need a little more forgiveness," he said.

It took more than two hours and eight people to clean the graffiti off the church walls, but they still bear the tell-tale signs -- an orange tint on the bricks, hiding the hate.

Despite the hurtful words and work it took to erase, Wright said it brought many at this church closer, and they feel stronger because of it.

"In Genesis chapter 50, verse 20, that says whatever they meant for our harm god will mean it for our good," he said.

He says as far as inviting whoever did this to attend their next service, people should not confront them but show them forgiveness.

"I believe they would change their mind about the things that they've done if they came and met the people that come here," Wright said.

They've already had service since the graffiti went up, and Wright said he's not worried about it happening again.

He expects everyone to show up on Sunday like any normal day.