Many Oklahomans stay in the Sooner state for Labor Day; some fear gas spike

AAA spokesperson Mark Madeja says there is a possibility for gas prices to hike up to three dollars (KTUL).

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- If you don't have travel plans for Labor Day weekend or aren't planning to leave the Sooner state, you aren't alone.

AAA found 70 percent of Oklahomans are staying in the state this weekend.

With numerous state parks, lakes, restaurants and a plethora of other things to do right here in Oklahoma, there's plenty to keep people in the state this Labor Day weekend.

"We are planning on traveling today," Cochana said. "We are going to Tahlequah for their Powwow."

"I am just going fishing," driver Anna Brown said. "Get one last fish in before the summer ends."

For some, this Labor Day will be more of a stay-cation.

Fearing a major gas spike is coming following the devastation in Houston.

"I think that this may be an uncomfortable three-day weekend, given that we can't gallivant to celebrate a holiday," driver Willa Morrison said.

AAA shows Oklahoma's gas went up about 21 cents in the past week, now averaging about $2.39 a gallon.

Morrison won't be taking the car out unless she has to.

"It is easier to fill your tank at $2.39 a gallon as opposed to three-dollars a gallon," she said.

With a full tank, Morrison plans to hang out with her five grandchildren.

"Maybe it is good for us to stay home this weekend," she said. "It might be good for folks to not be on the highway, sit at home and enjoy the family."

AAA spokesperson Mark Madeja says there is a possibility for gas prices to hike up to three dollars.

"But what people need to realize is this will be short-lived," he said. "It usually spikes hard quickly and then falls back down."

Madeja says AAA isn't necessarily discouraging people from traveling this weekend, but if you do, he says you need to do your homework first.

"Call ahead, be vigilant, do your due diligence," Madeja said. "If you are staying at a hotel, call them and see what the gas stations are doing in their area."

Beyond that, Madeja says be aware and courteous of other drivers and enjoy the holiday weekend, near or far.