Man killed, three others injured in fire after trying to siphon natural gas

The scene on SW 27th Street where one man was killed and three others were injured on December 25, 2018 after trying to siphon natural gas. (Connor Hansen/KOKH)

On Christmas morning, a natural gas fire in a home in southern Oklahoma City burned four people, and one of them has passed away.

The Oklahoma City Fire Department says it appears the people were trying to use a garden hose to transfer natural gas from one building to another to heat it.

The fire department wasn't sure exactly how the people were tapping into the gas line, but something sparked a fire.

The four people were inside the building when the fire started.

Oklahoma Natural Gas is the service provider in that neighborhood and released a statement that read in part "any changes or alterations to our equipment should only be made by authorized personnel."

The company says it's working with the police and fire department to find out more about what happened.

In its statement, Oklahoma Natural Gas also had a reminder that if you ever smell natural gas or suspect a leak, to leave the area and call them.