Man arrested after police find an explosive device inside a stolen food truck


Tulsa police said a man is in jail after they found two stolen food trucks and an explosive device.

On Friday, officers saw a stolen food truck in the parking lot of the Flea Market near East Admiral Place and South Mingo Road.

They said three suspects were found walking a short distance away from the stolen truck.

One of them Joshua David, was wanted on felony warrants for auto theft. He was arrested on the warrants.

Offices suspected that there might be more stolen vehicles in the area and began a search with multiple officers and the police helicopter.

A second stolen ford truck was located near East 11th Street and South Mingo Road where it had been dumped.

When officers searched the truck they found a backpack in the truck with evidence linking David.

Inside the backpack they found a small improvised explosive device that had a police officer Lego man toy figure taped to it.

An explosives expert from the TPD Bomb Squad responded. He dismantled the device and confirmed that it was functional.

In addition to his warrants, David was arrested for possession of stolen vehicle and possession of an improvised explosive device.

The other two suspects are believed to be involved with the stolen trucks but there was not sufficient evidence to arrest them at this time, police said.