Local photographer's work featured in U.S.P.S. series

Oklahoma photographer Sean{ }Ramsey was surprised when U.S.P.S. contacted him about one of photos after seeing the image online. (kokh)

An Oklahoma based photographer's work is being featured internationally by the U.S. Postal Service.

If you pick up any stamps from the post office, you just might see Sean Ramsey’s photos.

Fox 25 sat down with Ramsey about his photos. "You've got this, you know, just beautiful landscapes that a lot of people overlook."

To some, the field where Ramsey’s photo “Dreamer” was taken, would be a typical Kansas field, but to Ramsey, it was an opportunity for the perfect shot.

"I like to be a photographer because I really... I have a connection with the land and the storms. I just love it. I love the scenery, I love the unique things that you see."

Ramsey left his job as an accountant, and started his business in 2012. He now makes a living chasing and photographing storms around the country.

He says that moment captured in “Dreamer,” was right after a storm blew through.

"I was basically, you know, moving north up through Kansas and I stopped and the sky had this double rainbow come up and you know, when I see these things, they move something in me."

He rushed out into the field, and got the shot.

"You only get a few seconds, you know, you don't get very long to capture these moments because they're gone just as much as they show up."

Ramsey says he was pleasantly surprised when U.S.P.S. contacted him about the image, after seeing it online.

The postal service is using it in their series released on July Fourth, in celebration of America’s 242nd birthday,

Images from coast to coast are featured in the series.

Stamps are now available at post offices.

See more of Ramsey’s work here.