Juveniles or adults: Judge to make decision on Bixby football rape case status Tuesday

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Colten Cable, William Thomas, Samuel Lakin and Joe Wood (left to right) all face second-degree rape charges stemming from a reported sexual assault at the home of former Bixby superintendent Kyle Wood in September 2017. (KTUL)

BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) -- A judge will decide Tuesday morning whether four Bixby football players charged with raping their teammate will be tried as adults, youthful offenders or juveniles.

The four players were charged as youthful offenders in March. Since then, attorneys representing the players have argued that their clients should be considered juveniles.

“Absolutely, (in juvenile court) is where the case belongs without question,” said defense attorney Paul DeMuro in June.

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Both the state and attorneys representing the players have filed motions. The state has filed a motion to try the players as adults. Defense attorneys filed a motion for the players to be charged as juveniles.

There’s a big reason why both sides are arguing over where the case is tried. As an adult, all information about the case is considered public record, and the players would have a criminal record if they’re found guilty. As a juvenile, everything about the case will be sealed including testimony and sentencing. The players wouldn’t have a public criminal record.

The judge is set to make her decision Tuesday at 9 a.m.