Is Oklahoma closer to becoming a top 10 state? Economic leaders think so

Oklahoma State Capitol (KOKH file)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A key point in Governor Kevin Stitt's State of the State Address Monday was making sure Oklahoma is making strides to be a top 10 state.

"We are moving in the direction we all want to go: Top Ten in the Nation," said Stitt.

There are a lot of elements that would push Oklahoma to the top, and they include schools, health, and economy.

Here in Tulsa, Billy Murphy, Senior Vice President of the Tulsa Regional Chamber, said 2019 was a year like he's never seen.

"The state in terms of job growth, economic development projects, we got the momentum behind us, working with the governor and legislature; we're working to become a top 10 state," said Murphy.

Murphy said the chamber saw more than $832 million in capital investments, the most its seen since it was created more than a decade ago.

One of Stitt's points made today was cutting down on state bureaucracy, which Murphy said is key to getting businesses here.

Stitt said, during his speech, "My executive order will call for the first-ever comprehensive review of the State’s administrative code and will instruct agencies to remove two regulations for every new one created. The intent is to reduce red tape by 25% in the next three years, providing relief to Oklahoma’s job creators and farmers and ranchers while also strengthening our recruitment efforts to diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy."

"His ability to work with the legislature and get a closing fund available and working on incentives that make our job in selling the state easier," said Murphy.

While we aren't quite yet a top 10 state, Murphy said, at least on the economic side, we're closer.