Is another teacher walkout in the works?

Could the capitol be flooded with teachers again? HB2621 is stirring a lot of controversy over the tax credits it would provide. (KTUL)

Remember all the crowds and the signs and the passions on display at the capitol last year? Are you ready for round two?

"We want a walkout, a one day walkout on Monday," said Tulsa teacher Larry Cagle, sounding the alarm over House Bill 2621.

"Well, this bill is going to offer tax credits for families that want to send their children to private school," he said.

Opponents see it as a siphon on funds for public education.

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"That’s going to take anywhere from $20 to $30 million out of Oklahoma’s state budget that could go to fund public education," said parent James Deming.

"It could really be the beginning of the end of public education in Oklahoma," said parent Stacey Woolley.

"Well, it for sure would not siphon money away from public education," said Rep. Jon Echols, one of the authors of the bill. He says there's misinformation being put out about what the bill actually does.

"No, this bill is not a voucher bill; it absolutely will not siphon money away from public education, and a very quick reading of the bill would read it actually expands the tax credit that is available to give money directly to public education," he said.

"It's yet another gift to people of higher means. It’s people that are already sending their kids to private schools, 'Hey, now you can get a tax credit for doing so,'" said Deming.

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"The bill as it sits right now would expand the amount of dollars that are available under the tax credit for local public schools in addition to expanding the taxpayer dollars that are available for low income students for private schools," said Rep. Echols.

Battling over funds for education, again. Possibly coming to another showdown at the state house.

"If you take this money out, and you vote for this legislation, you can be guaranteed there’s a walkout on your backdoor," said Cagle.