Hearing for Welch cold case suspect rescheduled, Bible family finds new leads

Hearing for Welch cold case suspect rescheduled, Bible family finds new leads (KTUL)

CRAIG COUNTY, Okla. (KTUL) -- A hearing for Ronnie Busick, the man charged with a notorious Welch cold case was rescheduled Friday morning.

Busick is accused of murdering Danny and Kathy Freeman in 1999 and kidnapping their daughter, Ashley, along with her friend, Lauria Bible.

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It’s been a long journey for Lauria's mom, Lorene Bible.

“I’m a mom looking for a child,” she said.

Their family plans to go to court every time Busick makes an appearance.

“I just want to let him know I’m sitting here,” Lorene said. “I’m watching him. Every day you’re here, I’m going to be here.”

Lorene's niece Lisa Brodrick sat by her side.

“We’re waiting for him to talk,” said Brodrick.

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In just the last two weeks, they feel like they’re getting closer to finding Lauria and Ashley's bodies after reaching out to a man who knows Picher from top to bottom.

“He’s a very good expert of Picher and the mine shafts, the rails, everything that has to do with Picher and that area,” said Lorene.

“He had a hand in all the mapping of the mines in Picher,” said Brodrick.

Every day they said they have a new hope, but their journey is still far from over.

“Though it gives us a direction to go, we don’t know where she is,” said Brodrick. “We don’t know where Ashley is and until we know, this is not going to be over. We need that location.”

Busick heads back to court on July 13 so the state and defense can exchange evidence. His attorney said they will set a date for his preliminary hearing then.