Former Hitchcock town clerk speaks out after federal lawsuit filed

David-Hitchcock lawsuit  Medler house10 Aug
Randy Medler, the former town clerk of Hitchcock, Okla., looks over the burned house where he used to live. Medler has filed suit in federal court against city and county leaders for discrimination. (David Young/KOKH)

The former Hitchcock town clerk has filed a federal lawsuit against several city leaders, after he claims he and his family were run out of town.

The plaintiff in the suit, Randy Medler, is suing several individuals including the mayor of Hitchcock, and the Blaine County Sheriff.

Medler is openly gay and has an adopted African American son. When he settled down in Hitchcock, he thought he would stay for years, grow old and raise a family.

Medler even began serving as town clerk, but according to the federal lawsuit, Medler and his family were run out of town, after a series of racial and homophobic rants and threats, and eventually having his home burned to the ground.

"They're proud of it. They're going out to the bars boasting about it. 'We ran those queers and that little black n***** out of town. They're gone.' They have, they have literally erased us from Oklahoma," Medler said.

The lawsuit lists several defendants including Rick Edsall, mayor of Hitchcock, and Tony Alamaguer, Sheriff of Blaine County. According to the lawsuit, when Medler went to report cases of harassment to the sheriff's office, they would not take his report.

The Blaine County Sheriff denied those reports.

"The allegations that this gentleman is making are false. The investigation is still ongoing. Everything he said is false, as far as we know," Alamaguer said.

You can read the full lawsuit here.