Family of pregnant woman beaten to death: "She will never be forgotten."

Family of pregnant woman beaten to death: "She will never be forgotten."

“Probably me, I would probably take the lead,” said Sam Galutza. “I was a little protective over her, too.”

Sam may have been the bossier one, but that’s what big sisters are for. Her little sister, Allyssa Fielding, knew how to get her back.

“She put jelly beans one year in the ice machine,” said Sam, with a laugh. “So, every time we’d get ice, there’d be jelly beans in our cup.”

The two may have been sisters through marriage, but their bond was one forged by love.

“(Allyssa) was stubborn, and she had the biggest heart. She was very caring; she cared about everybody no matter if she knew them or not,” said Sam.

“She’s always been special. She made me feel I was special to her,” said Charlotte Fielding.

Charlotte, or Memaw, as Allyssa called her, said her granddaughter grew up with a smile on her face and an animal at her side.

Until she met a boy in high school.

“When she turned 15, started Union High School, and met him, her world turned upside down and so did ours,” said Charlotte.

At 15, Allyssa the cheerleader, animal lover, and little sister met Colby Wilson.

“I hate to be so angry, but I can never forgive him,” said Charlotte.

Allyssa was 18 the first time Colby sent her to the hospital. She showed up at Charlotte’s door at midnight. She’d been beaten with a hanger and an extension cord. There were bruises and bite marks all over her body, according to a police report.

“When she came that night, and I opened the door, I went, 'Oh my God, Allyssa.' I was so afraid of this,” said Charlotte.

When Colby was sentenced to three years in prison in July of 2017, Charlotte thought Allyssa could finally break free. The family left Tulsa for a bit until Allyssa started her job as a CNA in a maternity ward. For a while, Charlotte was optimistic. It seemed like everything was going to be OK until Colby got out of prison in July of 2018. It was one year after he’d been sentenced.

“She just kinda, stopped talking to me,” said Sam.

On April 15, 2019, Sam’s role as Allyssa’s big sister would change forever.

“I wake up every morning, and I think about her,” said Sam.

That evening on the 15th, according to police reports, Colby’s mother had called 911. She told dispatchers her son was threatening to kill himself because he had hurt his girlfriend. When police showed up to their apartment, Allyssa was unconscious, her brain was bleeding, and her lungs had collapsed.

“She had cuts all over her face. She had bruises all over her body, her arms, and legs. Naturally, the baby was dead,” said Charlotte.

“I was going to be an aunt,” said Sam.

Allyssa died two days later. Colby’s been charged with murder, for both Allyssa and their unborn baby. According to police, Colby held Allyssa captive. They found out he made her sit on a couch with a camera pointed at her when he was away. If she moved, she’d be beaten.

“It wasn’t real. I don’t want to believe that at all. I got to the hospital, and it was real,” said Sam. “We just prayed, over and over again.”

Sam has a picture of a prayer Allyssa wrote on her phone. Sam’s mother found it when they were cleaning out the apartment.

“I need Your holy presence in my home, Heavenly Father,” read Sam. “I love You with all my soul. I will never doubt You. You have a plan for me, and I’m ready to follow it.”

This wasn’t the plan Sam had for Allyssa. She hoped Allyssa would move in with her someday, so she could protect her.

“I’d tell her that I’m living every single day for her,” said Sam. “I will make sure she will never be forgotten.”

Her role, as a big sister, now has a new purpose. To make sure everyone will remember her little sister, who was sweet, kind, and loved.

The family is now starting a non-profit in Allyssa’s name. They hope to help educate young girls and women about domestic violence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, there is help for you out there.

Here are some resources for you:

Family Safety Center: (918) 742-7480

DVIS: 918.7HELP.ME (918.743.5763)