EXCLUSIVE: Police release interrogation video of Mannford officer accused of killing chief

Mannford, Okla., Police Officer Mike Nealey is shown here being interrogated by Florida police after the death of his chief, Lucky Miller. Nealey and Miller were in Florida for a conference when Miller was killed, and Nealey is the suspect. (Escambia County Sheriff's Office){ }

For the first time, we're getting a look inside the Hilton hotel room in Pensacola, Florida, where Mannford, Oklahoma, police officer Mike Nealey is accused of beating his own chief, Lucky Miller, to death.

Pictures from investigators show paramedic equipment on the ground next to a blood-stained carpet, blood on the sheet and wall, but they also shed light into the evening with dip on the nightstand, and a half-gallon of vodka nearly emptied.

John Garner works security at the hotel where the two were staying for a conference. He told investigators that he went to the room three times.

First, because the two complained of a broken remote, but when he showed up, they told him it was fine. The second time was due to a noise complaint.

"I told one of the gentlemen who just brought his head to the door and opened it slightly, 'We have a noise complaint, and you guys need to calm down,'" Garner said.

The third time was a second noise complaint that turned into a welfare check when guests notified Garner the room went silent.

He says he went in and found an incoherent Nealey on top of Miller.

"All I got was a grunt in return," Garner said.

Officers on the scene reported seeing bruising on Miller's body, on his eye, lips, and head.

The police interrogation video hours after the incident shows Nealey on the right in a hospital gown, telling investigators that the two walked to an early dinner then watched football in the room, and that's all he can remember.

He even asked why he was being questioned.

"I know you're asking me questions, but can I ask you one? Homicide? Who's dead?" Nealey asked.

Not showing a lot of emotion, Nealey repeatedly told detectives he was clueless.

"I'm shocked Lucky's dead. It's shocking," Nealey said.

Investigators wrapped up the interview telling Nealey he appears to not understand what's going on.

Nealey is charged with second-degree murder. His trial is expected to start late next month.