Dog reunited with owner after year and a half, traveling over 450 miles

Moose on the car ride to Tulsa. (Picture courtesy of Lawrence Humane Society)

Moose has been on the adventure of a lifetime.

It's been about a year and a half and some 452 miles, but finally, his mom, Connor Wright, gets to bring him home.

Wright says she tried everything she could think of when her puppy disappeared.

"I put posters everywhere. I mean everywhere... shelters, Walmart, everywhere," said Wright.

That was back in May of 2018, but about a week ago, Moose turned up at the Lawrence Humane Society in Kansas.

Michael LaFave works at the shelter and said, "We checked his microchip and got hold of Conner and realized he was from Texas."

The two decided Tulsa would be a good spot to meet and get Moose back in his mama's arms.

So, they met at Tulsa SPCA on Thursday where Moose was finally reunited with his family then headed back home to Texas.