Crutcher family reacts to DOJ ruling

Crutcher family reacts to DOJ ruling (KTUL)

It's been two and half years since his death, and today Terence Crutcher's sister learned that hopes for federal criminal civil rights charges have crumbled.

"It's very disappointing to hear this news about your brother," said Dr. Tiffany Crutcher.

In making its determination, the Department of Justice cited the high standard that had to be achieved; proving willful use of unreasonable force.

"The standard is so high, it's the highest standard in the legal system, to prove that someone willfully, intentionally, violated someone else's civil rights," said Crutcher family attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons.

"I think Betty went through nothing short of hell to survive her incident," said Betty Shelby's boss, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton. He says he's thankful for the ruling.

"Betty Shelby, I hope feels a little bit lighter with the burden that she's been carrying for some time on this," he said.

While this marks the end of the federal criminal civil rights aspect, the federal civil case will continue.

"We will continue our fight to get accountability and justice for Terrence and his children and his family," said Solomon-Simmons.

"This decision, it's motivated me even more to keep fighting just another day," said Crutcher.