Community Focus: Nappy Roots Books

Camille Landry, owner of Nappy Roots Books, has story time for young black readers so they "...can see themselves portrayed in positive ways" (KOKH)

t's story time at "Nappy Roots Books"

"So he went down there and proved them wrong", said student Ramel Lugrand.

Ramel Lugrand, 11 and his peers are turning pages and reading books with images they can relate to.

"Having books and other media, where our kids and adults can see themselves portrayed in positive ways and can be encouraged, is really vitally important", said Camille Landry, Nappy Roots Books co-owner.

Landry makes it a point to find more books for young black men.

"There is a bit of a of dearth of books that are about young black boys", said Landry. "It's not just a matter of reading important stories, its a matter of finding a path for your life that will allow you to grow up to be a happy and successful citizen."

Just ask Ramel, who dreams about playing in the NBA with a business mindset.

"Knowing how to read is something that will get you places in life. If I don't know how to read then I won't know what type of contract I'm signing to play for a certain team", said Lugrand.

Landry says this is a place where ideas live. People can come here to learn from discussion, tutoring, and health and wellness guidance. It's a place that goes beyond the pages of any book and is driven by Landry's relentless passion to keep the doors open.

"Right now I'm spending my social security check", said Landry.

The Chicago native has lived in Oklahoma City for almost 40 years, and says books were fundamental to her growth.

"If I had a magic wand, I would've moved to the library, because I've always loved books.

She wants the same resource for kids in the community, so they too can be the young leaders of tomorrow.

Landry says Nappy Roots Books is Oklahoma's only black bookstore.

The next "story time" is this Saturday. Boys and girls of all ages are welcome to attend. The event begins at 2 p.m., and it ends at 4 p.m.

Nappy Roots Books in northeast Oklahoma City: