Abandoned puppy left in trash pile for days

Pup in trash 1.PNG
Abandoned puppy left in trash pile for days (KTUL)

Jason Turley doesn’t like seeing garbage on the side of the road in his town of Turley.

So it wasn’t unusual when he pulled over to pick up some trash, but what he found left him speechless.

“It was here, on top of the hill,” pointed Jason.

Tucked in his arms, shivering and shy, a little puppy that was left abandoned in the cold for days.

“I didn’t expect to see her just thought it was Styrofoam inside of a box,” said Jason.

The ‘no dumping’ sign on the hill on Cincinnati street in Turley isn’t doing any good. There’s garbage and boxes everywhere. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Jason’s found a dog up there. In fact, he said he’s found so many carcasses he’s lost count.

“We found other dogs inside trash bags that you can tell have been torn up, burnt, obviously abused. Some of them have been from fight, whatever they do with fight dogs,” said Jason.

He said they’re working with the sheriff’s office to try and catch the people responsible. But what can you do?

Well, for him, that meant one thing.

“It’d break your heart to just find that and you can’t walk away from that,” said Jason.

Though she doesn’t have a name yet, the little puppy in Jason’s arms has something more important... a home.