$2M seized from drug dealers in 'Operation Killa Gorilla' given to local police

U.S. Attorney Trent Shores announces seizure of $2 million from 'Operation: Killa Gorilla', January 9, 2020.{ } A multi-agency investigation into synthetic marijuana dealers across Northeast Oklahoma. (KTUL PHOTO)

The United States Attorney's Office presented local law enforcement with a check for $2 million.

U.S. Attorney Trent Shores said ‘Operation Killa Gorilla’ seized all that money from synthetic marijuana traffickers in northeast Oklahoma.

“You don't get to keep the illegal drug money that you made by virtue of your criminal enterprise,” said Shores. “That money is returned to law enforcement agencies that participated in that investigation.”

Police forces from all over Green Country, tribal and the DEA working together to shut down this ring.

Assistant special agent in charge John Scott said the synthetic drug looks like marijuana but it's just leafy material sprayed by chemicals from china.

“They will literally spray these chemicals on this leafy material,” he said. “There's nobody doing this in a factory. It's very chance because these are dangerous chemicals.”

The drug is known as spice or K-2 in Oklahoma.

Causing addiction or even death for many of the people who smoked the substance.

Scott said the operation name ‘Killa Gorilla’ is taken from one of the popular brands that were used to advertise and sell in smoke shops.

“There's all sorts of different cartoons character and they were marketing and targeting youth. Which, in my opinion, was very dangerous,” he said.

Now police departments like Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sapulpa and others have additional funding for all the work going into this investigation.

Broken Arrow Police Department is now set to receive more than $250,000.

“We use it to augment our training budget, technology and equipment. It allows us to take our detectives to send them to better training,” BAPD Chief Brandon Berryhill said.

This large operation is coming to a close after almost 10 years of undercover investigating, with police being rewarded with $2 million for their years of work.

Breakdown of $2,000,000 by Department

  • Broken Arrow: $255,716
  • Cherokee Nation: $85,000
  • Claremore: $85,000
  • Owasso: $85,000
  • Rogers County: $225, 716
  • Sapulpa: $262, 716
  • Tulsa: $262,716
  • Army National Guard: $19,893