12-year-old and 21-year-old shot in Okmulgee; police need help identifying suspects

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12-year-old shot in Okmulgee; police need help identifying suspects (KTUL)

A community in shock is sending prayers towards a 12-year old boy who's fighting for his life.

"He always has questions for you and he is always wanting to learn about the Lord," said Sunday school teacher Sayde Overstreet.

The 12-year old boy was hit in the head at an Okmulgee home off of East Lafayette.

Overstreet is the boy's Sunday school teacher at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church.

"He is one of them that I pick up on Sunday mornings and then Wednesday evenings for youth practice," said Overstreet.

The church is heartbroken.

"We're praying for him. God is good. Things can happen, miracles do happen," said Overstreet.

This all happened around 6 a.m. Saturday with a knock on the front door.

Okmulgee Police say the boy's older brother, 21-year old Leon Grant opened the door to see a stranger standing there.

"There was a brief conversation and then someone outside the house, we believe the male he was engaged in a conversation with started shooting," said Okmulgee Police Chief Joe Prentice.

The bullets striked Grant and the 12-year old and both were taken to separate hospitals.

"I cant say what motivated the shooting because I have no clue who committed it," said Prentice.

Police Chief Joe Prentice is asking the community for help so that he can get some justice for these two.

"Although I would gladly accept anonymous information, I need a witness," said Prentice.

"An increase in violence is everywhere, but here in our area, being so close to home; it definitely hits hard," said Overstreet.

A city looking for answers and hoping for the best.

"Pray, praying changes things," said Overstreet.

The only description police have provided on the suspect is that the man was wearing a dark colored hoodie.

At this hour police have not released an update on the 12-year old's condition.